2018 – 19 Officers and Reps

Officers and reps for SHU branch of UCU are mainly elected at our annual AGM (usually in February).

Please see the list of this year’s officers and reps.


Thinking about being a rep yourself?

People who are the UCU reps in their local departments are the branch’s lifeblood – and we need more!
Reps get free training, time off to do their union duties, and the satisfaction of making a difference by helping colleagues and being part of the union.

If you are interested, then please fill in the Nomination Form 2019 here (including getting signatures from 2 other UCU members) and email it to Liz Kettle (SHU branch administrator) at l.kettle@shu.ac.uk
And contact ucu@shu.ac.uk if you want to find out more.