If not, please take 5 minutes to complete this important survey

Management said the new AWP system would standardise work planning “in a transparent, equitable and supportive way”.  But we think this new system is not working for most and has failed to meet its own aims.

We feel there has been a general lack of transparency over how the system was introduced. Tariffs are not being ap-plied equally and colleagues do not feel the University is taking seriously the impact the increased workloads are having on individuals.

Management disagree! They say there is no evidence of workload intensification and the new system is working just fine.

Who’s right, us or management?  We urge you to complete the survey and give us your views.

We need as many responses from across the University as possible to show HR the real impact the new system is having on staff health, well-being and morale. The survey is open to all employees (including non-members of UCU) so please encourage your colleagues to fill it in as well.

The survey is password protected.  If you haven’t already received the password in an email or you need a reminder please contact d.adshead@shu.ac.uk”.

UCU Hallam Branch Committee