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8 Days of Strike Back  

On the 1st day of Strike Back my manager said to me,  

     “You’re under hours on AWP!” 

On the 2nd day of Strike Back my manager said to me,  

     “Here’s extra work, now you’re full up on your AWP!”   

On the 3rd day of Strike Back my manager said to me,  

     “Your colleague’s signed off sick, you’re covering his classnow there’s extra on your AWP!”   

On the 4th day of Strike Back my student said to me,  

     “I don’t think I can cope, I’m struggling with my workI’d love to meet and chat but you never seem to have the time for me.” 

On the 5th day of Strike Back HR said to me,  


     The students have complained, marks were lateand feedback was too brief, so you’ll need to come and have a word with me!”  

On the 6th day of Strike Back my Union said to me,  

     “We’ve had enough!  

     We’re going on strike!  

     There’s a crisis in our midst, it’s unfair, colleagues are all ill.  We’re not working for an extra day for free! 

On the 7th day of Strike Back Management said to me,  

     “We don’t think this is funny! We‘ll be keeping all your money!  

     If you don’t call off your strike 

     There’s not enough of you to shut us down, we have “alternatives”, we’ll just serve them all some biscuits and some tea!” 

On the 8th day of Strike Back my students said to me  

     “We back you fully.  Always stand up to a bully.  Where is all our money? 

     You promised “high quality”! 

      Mr Chairman of the TEF, we’re distressed.  And it will soon be NSS.  You should treat your staff with care and dignity!”

Your Strike Back anthem could go right here!

It doesn’t have to be a carol.  It can be any song, adapted of course laughing

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