Planning on joining us on the picket line?

If you’re coming to any of the picket lines during the strike, and you really should for all the reasons we lay out here, the VP of UCU, Vicky Blake, has written an extremely useful guide to picketing and activism.  They had a lot of experience during the USS strikes last year so it’s straight from the frontline and hot off the press.

2019 Strike Handbook for UCU Activists

There’s also a useful guide from the Government’s website that should help us all the stay the right side of the law.

UK Government’s Code of Practice on Picketing

Do make sure you read these and if you have any questions on the day, or before ask a rep, tweet us @ucuhallam, email us.  We’ll try to answer all questions and put them in the member’s FAQ we’re (not so) quickly compiling.

Volunteer for Picket Duty


Advice for on the picket lines

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