As work-planning approaches make sure you know what’s in your contract and the new AWP Framework Implementation Manual

YOUR CONTRACT states that we work a 37 hour week

  • Maximum of 462 (1406) contact hours in year, based on a norm of 14 hours per teaching week and a maximum of 18 contact hours per week
  • Maximum of 2 evening sessions per week
  • We can decline to work a 3 session day i.e. morning, afternoon & evening
  • There is a 38 week teaching year (02/09/19 – 06/06/20) within which all tasks relating to Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) should take place including Examination Boards, Away days, Open days, Committee meetings, Subject group or Departmental meetings, Teaching, Placement visits etc. THERE IS AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN UCU AND MANAGEMENT THAT MARKING FOR THE AUGUST BOARDS IS VOLUNTARY I.E. JUST BECAUSE YOU TEACH ON A MODULE DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO TAKE TIME OFF IN JULY.
  • Weekend working is voluntary and you are entitled to time off in lieu for evening and weekend working – make sure that you take all days owing to you


  • All scheduled teaching counts as class contact time (see below for detail)
  • Distance learning should be included
  • For each hour of teaching time staff should be credited with a MINIMUM of one hour of time for preparation You should get more than one additional hour if this is new teaching or substantially revised content.
  • All tasks relating to Assessment are now allocated separately (see below)
  • Staff with major academic management roles, such as course leader, year tutor, module tutor of large modules etc. should have a reduction in their teaching hours

RESEARCH & SCHOLARLY ACTIVITY (RSA) TIME (Formerly Self-managed time)

  • This consists of approximately 4 weeks and 3 days per year – 170 hours
  • This is time for research, scholarship and professional development
  • It is time which is usually taken outside the 38 week academic year and holidays
  • RSA/SMT is principally self-managed and the time should be used for the career development of the individual lecturer
  • Activities for RSA/SMT are for discussion and agreement, not for imposition by managers

Key points from the AWP Manual:

  • Workplanning should be discussed in a meeting e.g. Subject Group, Course Team, prior to individual workplans being made
  • The process should be transparent i.e. your workplanner should tell you how the allocations have been made
  • The process should be equitable i.e. like hours for like work – talk to colleagues doing similar work
  • Your workplan for 19/20 should not result in work intensification i.e. you should receive the same number of hours for doing work in 19/20 as you received for that work previously and additional work should not be added to workplans which were considered to be “full”.
  • From 2018 STD hours relate to ALL scheduled teaching and include office hours for seeing students, dissertation & project supervision, assessed presentations, workshops, Academic Advising etc. Each hour of STD (Standard Teaching Duties) attracts a MINIMUM of 1 TRD hour. There should be more than 1 hour if the work is new to you and/or requires substantial development.
  • Assessment is now allocated under Teaching Related Duties (TRD). Don’t forget to include: second marking (especially on modules that you don’t teach on), In Module Retrieval, larger than usual classes etc.
  • ALL students at ALL levels attract 2 hours per year for Academic Advising (except where this is bundled in with project supervision). This can be distributed amongst Course Teams as appropriate and is in addition to time allocated for credit bearing modules which may include aspects of Academic Advising
  • Staff are entitled to additional time under General Academic Duties (GAD) for a variety of activities g. large amount of inter- and intra-site travel (see p13 of the AWP Manual for more examples)
  • Prepare for your AWP meeting by looking at the documents on the intranet
  • Check that your Faculty Manual (on the intranet AWP site) give allowances in line with the SHU Manual. You should be given like hours for like work.
  • Ask for any unplanned work which you undertook this year to be taken account of on next year’s workplan e.g. illness cover, cover for staff who have left but not been replaced, additional work due to over-recruitment, ad hoc projects not covered under GAD, revalidation/course/module development activities
  • 1406 is NOT a target; there should be headroom/contingency


Non-availability: ALL staff should have been given the opportunity to complete a Non-availability form to accommodate family and other commitments. Please see the UCU guidance at


If you have any concerns about your workplan please contact a local UCU rep.