We have regular branch meetings on the third Wednesday of each month during the academic year, 12 – 1pm

Why are Branch Meetings Important?
  • The branch is the sovereign decision-making body of UCU at SHU.
  • Branch officers are delegates from the membership – so we expect the members to tell us what to do on your behalf on any issue of substance.
  • We report back on any negotiations/consultations and only act with the full support of the branch.
  • The more active the branch is in terms of numbers of participants at meetings, as well as in terms of engagement in campaigns, the less likely it is that management will attempt to significantly erode our terms and conditions.
  • We believe this bottom-up approach is the essence of trade unionism. Union officers/reps can achieve nothing without the full support of the members.
How Does the Branch Work?
  • Meetings are generally held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month between September and June at 12 noon.
  • All members are welcome – so please attend whenever possible.
  • You can take part in any debates you want or simply listen to the discussion.
  • You have a right to vote on any issue or motion, so use it!
  • You can raise issues at the meeting or let us know in advance what issue(s) or motions you would like included on the agenda. We will include anything a member wishes, subject to the usual prohibitions.
  • If you wish to propose a motion on any topic simply send it to Mark Leader, the vice-chair at m.j.leader@shu.ac.uk or ucu@shu.ac.uk us at any time or when the call comes out each month. We’re not bureaucrats, so don’t worry that it has to be in any particular format or language. The Chair/Vice-Chair or any officer/rep will be happy to help if you wish.
  • The branch will only be successful at defending members’ interests if you turn up and engage!
  • If you have any questions contact your local rep, or any rep or officer.

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