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In the next few weeks the first wave of changes to Student & Academic Services which have come about as a result of PSOM are going to be implemented. As we have discussed at Branch meetings, there are implications for academic staff as work is passed from a reduced professional services staff on to academic staff. We have already seen this in the form of the new Academic Advising Framework and attendance monitoring.

In Heart of the Campus at Collegiate this means relocating a Student Helpdesk as well as reallocating roles to the remaining staff (substantial cuts have been made through VR as well as the failure to renew fixed term contracts and/or replace staff who have left for other reasons/reduced hours etc.).

The proposed timescale for this work in HOTC is over the Xmas break so that as we return in 2019 and the assessment and exam season is in full swing, these changes will have been made and/or be ongoing.

Also, although there is some evidence of meaningful consultation on how this change will be managed, albeit at the 11th hour, colleagues in Student Support are extremely concerned about the potential impact on all of us. Fewer staff cannot deliver the same level of service as before either to students or academic staff and many staff will be in roles which are new to them and/or are not clearly defined.

So please speak to your colleagues in Student Support and find out what is happening in your building/area.  Please add your voice to the debate by clicking on the October 2018 Update in the PSOM area on the intranet and leaving a comment.

If you wish to comment anonymously, please do so via your local UCU Rep.

There will be a PSOM update from UNISON at November Branch

Wednesday 21st November EMB 3113


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