Last year management introduced a new Academic Work Planning (AWP) framework.  The union was assured that its application would not result in an increase in the amount of work we’re expected to undertake.  However, it’s clear workloads are increasing.  Instead of standardising work

Planning “in a transparent, equitable and supportive way” there has been a general lack of transparency over how the system was introduced, tariffs are not being applied equally and colleagues do not feel the University is taking seriously the impact the increased workloads are having on individuals’ health and wellbeing.

The new system is not working for the majority and has failed to meet its own aims.

Sheffield Halllam UCU members voted resoundingly for strike action to halt work intensification.  We’ll be on strike for 8 days to stop the increase in workloads.

We can win this dispute, but only if we make the strike as effective as possible.  We need your help.  If you’re not a member, join UCU today and together we’ll get a better deal for all staff.

A better deal for staff…..

Sheffield Hallam UCU have called for the following:

Increase the time allocated for ‘General Academic Duties’ from 125 hours to 281. This is 20% of the work plan, which is in line with the sector average.

Double the time allocated for Academic Advising.

Increase the time allocated for marking from 10 mins per 5 credits to 15 mins.

Implement an equitable AWP policy. Staff should be given like hours for like work.

UCU has already negotiated with management to reinstate hours on the work plan for activities that were removed and increase hours for Module Leadership. With your help, we can do much more.

You’re better off with the Union. Join UCU today.



Feel free to download and print a PDF flyer here and send it to a colleague who isn’t a member of UCU