Come join us on the picket line!

Want to volunteer some of your time to help out at one of the many pickets to be located across both campuses?

There are many reasons why you should try to support the picket lines and spend as much time as you can during the stike action.

  • We need to make our problems and our demands visible to students and to demonstrate the strength of feeling by a show of unity in large numbers.  It’s important  students see how widespread current problems are but more imporantly they need to see their tutors, whose classes were cancelled, out on the picket line with everyone else.  We need to give them the chance to ask us questions about why we feel that we had no choice but to take the action we have and trust that this was not a decision taken lightly by anyone.

  • Going on strike can be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s for the first time.  It’s not going to be easy for anyone to lose 8 days pay and for many this will no doubt cause serious financial hardship.  It helps to be around others that understand exactly why we feel compelled to withdraw our labour even though we know this to the detriment of our current students and a risk to our personal financial security.  Knowing there are others fighting this alongside you can really made a difference. Just knowing you’re not on your own.  In times like these solidarity matters.

  • It’s also very heartwarming to know that we have the support of our students and their union.  Many do take the time to stop and ask questions and offer their solidarity.  It’s good to know they recognise that our working conditions are their learning conditions and they understand why their education is being disrupted.

  • Whilst going on strike is no laughing matter and certainly nothing to be flippant about, we want our pickets lines to be upbeat, respectful, friendly, courteous and good humoured.  Even though it is going to be cold and possibly wet, we will not let this dampen our spirits.  We will be encouraging musical instruments, singing, and generally making lots of noise so if you have a guitar, a whistle, a drum or a vuvuzela please do bring it along.  Dogs and children, big and small are also very welcome.   

  • There are a number of Teach Outs and other such educational opportunities planned jointly with the University of Sheffield.  These are open to staff members, students and the general public.  We have a number of venues in mind and details will be posted on the website in due course. 

  • You will have the rare opportunity to spend time with colleagues old and new as members come together from across the university.  These could be the start of some valuable and supportive new friendships!

  • And of course, there may be cake…wink

Remember that it will be very cold so if you are planning to join come prepared.  Wrap up warm, wear layers with an outer waterproof, stick an extra pair of warm socks in your pocket.  Bring a scarf and gloves (though your socks can double as gloves too wink). Bring a keep cup so you can get a warm drink.  If you struggle to stand for too long bring a folding chair.

If you need any support from us in order to attend then speak to a local rep or let us know in the form below.

Picket Line Volunteer – Availability Form

Select the days and times when you are free in the form below, add your name and email address and submit.  We’ll pass your details to the picket captains who will be in touch.

If there are other ways you think you can help such as creating placards, producing videos, writing witty prose, social media promotion, including retweeting, writing blog articles, etc., please get in touch using the form below and add some info in the free text box.

See you on the picket line!