This branch is currently in dispute with its employer and is working to contract!

UCU Branch @ Sheffield Hallam University Recognised trade union for academic and related staff


increase in workload


gender pay gap


real terms pay cut since 2010

Approx No staff on zero hours contracts

£Million for Campus Masterplan

Advice to members following Roger Eccleston’s all-staff email

Dear Member

  • Action short of a strike (ASOS) means working to your academic contract of 37 hours per week; this cannot be a breach of the academic contract.
  • Please ignore requests to reschedule teaching due to strike action.
  • Action short of a strike has been in place since 25th November, as part of the national dispute. 
  • Please document any instances of intimidation and forward this to the UCU Mailbox with the subject header “Intimidation”. Talk to your local union reps (see here for details of who your local reps are).

​If senior management are sincere in their wish to swiftly resolve this dispute, the obvious needs to be spelt out: Roger Eccleston’s email further damages industrial relations here at SHU. ASOS aside, the excellence performed at this university is done with our commitment to our work and with that, our good will. One need only delve into the archives of oral history here to appreciate the widespread harm that can be done by eroding staff good will to critically low levels.

Please don’t feel scared, intimidated, or bullied. We are many, not few. The union has your back.

UCU guidance on working to contract:

SHU UCU Branch Committee

“ASOS” Out of Office – copy and paste away!

“I am participating in action short of a strike (ASOS) in accordance with the UCU national dispute on precarious work, fair and equal pay and workload.  This means that although I am working my contracted hours, work intensification means that there may be a delay in responding to emails.

Please see and for further guidance on ASOS and the local and national disputes.”

Statement of Support from Honorary Doctorate, Richard Hawley.

“Dear Bob

Your speech from City Hall steps [see here], it was eloquent, directly to the point and beautiful. I’m keeping my eye on the situation and I just wanted to send you and your colleagues my full support, and the very best of wishes mate, stick together and hopefully it’ll be reyt…with much respect and kindest of regards.

Richard Hawley”

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Statement of Support from Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.

The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign sends greetings, friendship and solidarity for your UCU Strike.  We congratulate you for keeping up the fight to defend pensions, pay and working conditions and support your stance on working to contract.  The Universities and the public must be left in no doubt about the strength of feeling amongst trade union members, students and supporters.  Our education system is in crisis under the Tories and we look forward to an election outcome that ensures we have an excellent higher education system in Britain where students and staff are fully supported by a Labour Government.


Here’s a selection of images from the picket lines.

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Message to Members

It's a comforting trick of the mind when management see the union as simply a few bolshy union...

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