Contrary to what some managers have asserted in this round of workplanning, there has NOT been a change in policy around timetable non-availability forms. The process for this year should be as it has been previously.

If staff have personal commitments where they need to request not to be scheduled to teach at a particular time then they should do this through the non–availability process.

There is a clear drive to produce a student focused timetable, but this needs to be delivered within the parameters of the current contractual arrangements and taking into account any reasonable requests from staff linked to personal circumstances.

We advise members to do the following:

·         If you have had requests for flexible working refused or have been dissuaded from submitting such a request, ask your workplanner for a timetable non-availability form

·         Report any breach of this to your local UCU reps and we will submit a formal complaint via collective means if we hear of any departure to this arrangement

We will support Formal Flexible Working requests and monitor outcomes and if necessary will initiate indirect discrimination proceedings if we feel that the organisational practice as set out by HR is not being adhered to.